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We are currently conducting workshops and seminars teaching the farmers on the health and economic benefits of ginger and this will lead us to;


- Have at least 500 farmers each year

- Be able to export 1000 tonnes every month

- Provide more employment and revenue to the countries

- Have more skilled farmers

- Reach more community and sensitive on health

- Add value to the ginger from fresh, powder and dried



Low financial income and poor health made the community around us poorer and worsened the level of life expectancy. In the bid to solve these challenges, the founders of the company identified organic ginger as the antidote.


Being that ginger has been scientifically proved to have more nutritional values like calories, and carbohydrates, and health values in treating nausea, fighting fungal infection, protecting against stomach ulcers as well as inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells to mention but a few, and also ginger being highly needed in the market both locally and international, the founders therefore chose to engage the community to solve the existing problems.


We have conducted seminars and workshops in the community to arouse their conscious and we have successfully managed to have the strong base of 1800 trained farmers in Tanzania and 1000 in Uganda. This has resulted into the production of high quality yields to be used locally to improve health as well as to be sold in both local and external markets for financial enhancement for the community to live a good life.


For quality management and control, we test soil samples and advise our farmers accordingly to ensure that our ginger is organic and produced in high quality and quantity.


Up to now we are have up to 800 acres of organic ginger in Tanzania and 350 acres in Uganda. Due to this big investment, we can supply up to 200 tonnes per month




Our mission is to enhance rural communities in ginger growing as an agribusiness enterprise.



To be among of the best reliable ginger exporter company Internationally.

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